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Our history

» Our history

It all started in 1966, when Laura Bisquertt inherited the “Santa Laura” farm from her father, Osvaldo. He bought it in 1928 and as was accustomed in the region at the time, he cultivated annual crops and had cattle.

Between 1966 and 1971, her husband, Alejandro Hartwig C., Civil Engineer, purchased neighboring lots and ran the estate, exploiting traditional crops and running a dairy farm.

In 1971, he decided to look for work abroad, and that’s how he came to manage the office of the German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, in Montreal, Canada.

Vivió en Canadá con su familia durante 10 años y a raíz de realizar cursos y múltiples viajes a EE.UU. y Europa, Alejandro se convierte en un gran aficionado y conocedor de vinos. Percibió la creciente demanda por las variedades francesas clásicas en Norteamérica junto con el aumento de consumo de vinos del Nuevo Mundo, y relacionó las excelentes condiciones climáticas del Valle de Colchagua para desarrollar lo que él con Laura se plantearon como su "Proyecto de Jubilación".

They started planting the estate in 1978 with Bordeaux varietals and sold the high quality fruit to large wineries. In 1994 the winery was built and in 1995 the first Laura Hartwig wine was launched, with a Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva that gave a lot to talk about.

Today, it’s Laura and Alejandro’s children who are in charge of this beautiful estate and aim to produce wines with the same principles that their parents instilled in them.

Mission and vision

» Mission and vision

Our efforts are directed to producing top quality wines that reflect their origin, and that can accompany and complement world-class gastronomy.

The size of our winery permits that the most relevant aspects can be managed by family members, therefore, we can stay true to our belief that quality results from detailed personal attention.

We aim to consolidate our production and presence in the most relevant markets we have defined, extending ties with our commercial partners and distribute our wines to specialty stores, restaurants, and wine clubs, for the enjoyment of the consumer.

Our people

» Our people

We are small, tight-knit team, who has worked together many years and have quality and the consumer present in the daily tasks of our activities.

» Gerente General & Viticultor

» Director & CFO

» Commercial Manager

Chief Winemaker

» Public Relations

» Head of Tourism

» Customer service

» Management assistant

» Administration

» Agricultural Administrator

» Winemaker Consultant

» Oenological Equipment

Felipe García - Alejandro Hartwig - Renato Czischke

Main markets

» Where to find us

As a family vineyard, we are looking for business partners who appreciate quality wines, made on a human scale, that represent our brand and values to generate interesting volumes and form lasting relationships.

We currently produce between 10,000 to 12,000 boxes (9L) per year. We market in Chile and export to:

» Northamerica EE.UU. - Canadá (SAQ y LCBO)

» Latin America & Caribbean: Brasil – Peru - Colombia – Panama – Costa Rica

» Europe: Hugary - Italy

» Asia: China - Japón - Corea del Sur


» Associations

As a small winery, we actively participate in associations that allows us to have a voice in the development of the national wine industry and our D.O., the Colchagua Valley.

MOVI – Movement of Independent Vintners

MOVI is formed by a group of small producers, that artisanally make particular high-quality wines, that represent the dreams of each of its members. It’s a modern perspective that on Chile. It’s a complementary and contributing counter-culture that contrasts the antiquated notion that Chilean wine lacks personality.

Working together to weave a broader mosaic of Chilean wine, MOVI functions through association, gathering the personalities of each member’s project so that together we can have a voice, a vibe, for independent vintners who dare to think small.

MOVI members produce wines with character and quality, on a human scale, that show a more profound and real Chile.

We joined the Movement in 2014.

Viñas de Colchagua

In 1996 we founded the Colchagua Valley Wine Route (Ruta del Vino del Valle de Colchagua), along with 5 other wineries with the objective of fomenting wine tourism in the region. Three years later, with the main wineries of the valley, we established Viñas de Colchagua A.G. (Colchagua Valley Vintners Association), the first regional association of wineries created to promote and diffuse the Denomination of Origin of Colchagua.

The Colchagua Valley is internationally recognized not only as the region that produces Chile’s best wines, but also, for being one the most important wine tourism destination in the world. In 2005, Colchagua was awarded with “Best Winemaking Region of the Year” by the prestigious Wine Enthusiast magazine.

As Chile’s most awarded valley, we continue promoting the region as the leading premium wine producer of the country and developing eno-tourism to show the heritage and hospitality of our people.

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